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Owner, Program Manager, and Horse/Dog Trainer 

My name is Elizabeth Weaver and I am the owner and project manager of Northwest Equestrian. 

I fell in love with horses after watching the Saddle Club series as a fourth grader. After that, I always pictured myself having my own horse and riding wherever I wanted to go and spending days at the barn. I was lucky enough that a small semi-private barn allowed me to do work in trade for lessons to help me start into my horse journey. I spent Saturdays, summers, and days after school mucking, sweeping, and other barn chores that would earn me a ride. I worked myself from the bottom all the way to working at summer camps to teaching lessons and training horses. I worked my way to show and compete in low level dressage (training and schooling first level) and schooled low level eventing (grasshopper and intro). As I have worked in this world of horses, I've been lucky to be able to find way to continue and build this passion in creative manners. I had the determination to completely fund this passion out of pocket by myself. I was not as lucky to have parents who paid for lessons or anything. This made my goals harder and slower to achieve, but as I worked through challenges, I believed I could beat the impossible. Today, I am currently working on building my career into law enforcement and veterinary science. I also serve in the Washington Army National Guard which can make some of my weekends during the month unavailable at times. I look forward to training horses and dogs part time and working on managing this business and creating events, equine facilitated programs, and expos. I enjoy taking my horses out to shows, trails, doing expos, and spending quality of time with them when I have free time.

I have been fortunate enough to train in lessons and clinics with Kathy Casey, Eric Noel, Adria Fix, Kate Ebbage, Mercedes Andazola, Cari Shwartz, Christine Simpson, Suzanne Kernek, Megan Lawer, Bill Richy, and Miriam Orschel. 

I have audited Lisa Wilcox, Anne Gribbons, Carrie Harnden, Mette Rosencrantz, and Kristi Wysocki dressage clinics.
I have shown and competed at several shows, level 2s and 3s recognized show and earned scores in the low to mid 60s. I have ranked in the 2021 end of the year preliminary standings for USDF and 5th in the state for young riders at Training Level. I have gone through Safesport training and a certificate. 

I have experience being a crash dummy for horses starting out and enjoy helping horses build fitness and better carriage as they work. I also enjoy working with horses on the ground and doing desensitization and exercises that will help them in the saddle. I have worked with gaited breeds, starting horses undersaddle, mustang gentling, foals, horses of all disciplines, and rehab horses. 

I look forward to getting to know and work with you! 

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