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Learning in a hands on and more diverse way.

Equine Facilitated learning is a way of learning that involves to the use of equine(horses, ponies, donkeys, mule, etc). We find horses are a mirror of who we are and give honest feedback when working with them. Horses teach us life skills in a hands-on and very diverse way that everyone can learn from. From building confidence in an individual to helping understand teamwork in a team is one of the couple things that horses can teach us. 

Our equine facilitated learning is designed to work with individuals to groups, Whether it's working on building self awareness and confidence or learning communication and team building our equine friends can help. Program is setup at Anamchara stables in Hillsboro, OR. We have two covered arenas that allow us to do activities year round and a club room to brief in. 



Northwest Equestrian offers field trip opportunities to schools, group programs, sport teams, businesses, and individuals who want to learn and spend time with our equines. 

A field trip day is 2-4hours depending on group size at the barn. The day is started by learning horse and barn safety and how to handle the horse. Everyone gets a chance to groom the horses and learn a little about barn maintenance and horse care. Some of the team building activities include maneuvering a horse through an obstacle, team games with the horses, and learning animal communication with our bodies. 

For a field trip, we can accommodate up to 40 students with a 1:10-15 ration for instructor per student amount.  The fee is a sliding scale of $8-$15 per person with teachers and parent volunteers are free. 

To schedule a time to come out and do equine facilitated learning, email Elizabeth Weaver to put together your package. 

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