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Striving and representing the creative mindset.

My program offers private and group lessons to all ages and skill levels. A school horse will be provided for those who don't have their own horses and I do teach those who have their own horses as well. Horse training for groundwork, greener horses, fitness and conditioning, and tune up/minor problem fixes are available. I also offer an online remote learning talk with a trainer through zoom platform. This program is available for all ages and skill levels too. My current barn is Mountaindale Equestrian Center which is located in North Plains, OR. Lessons with school horses are held there, whereas those with your own horses can either haul into Mountaindale Equestrian Center or I can travel to you. I'm pretty flexible and accommodating!


The mission statement, "I strive and represent the creative mindset through building passion and life skills with the help of our equine friends."

Everyone who comes to work in my program is student whether you are two-legged or four-legged, I am your cheerleader and I believe every student has wonderful talents that are waiting to be shared and my job is to help you find them and strengthen them.

I believe we can learn so much from horses, they are teachers themselves and want to see you succeed your dreams. Not only develop a good relationship with a horse, we learn life skills along the way and in some cases learn a little bit more about ourselves.

I believe education should be something you want to do, something fun and creative to meet your needs.  I believe each student is able to build their way of learning that works best for them and I am there to help guide them through it. As the teacher, I find my job is to give each student that I work with the tools that help them with their talents and guide them to their end goals. Along with that I believe the tools I give to each of my students allows them to be creative and build their own approaches and outcomes allowing a students to be creative and know what they can do when they work with their horses on their own and to encourage a creative approach.

My training for horses require 100% owner participation, this allows me to help both horse and their owner to strengthening the relationship and work through their rough patches smooth. I do not accept dropping horses off for 30 day training. My training approach follows the horse's time. Therefore, I require a minimum of 3 constant months of full time training for those interested and a minimum 2 lessons interactive lessons where owner of the horse, horse, and I work together and build a better relationship and understanding. Working with horse, I view as a partnership where and horse and human come together find balance of energy where it flows softly.

I look forward to working with you and having you part of my team. For any questions, feel free to send a message!

Thank you for checking out my business. I have limited space available to teach school horse lessons of all ages and skill levels and those with their own horses. Online booking is available. 

Serving Hillsboro, Beaverton, and North Plains Area

+1 5039139230

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